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In 1918, Dave’s grandfather, George Katsuto Watase graduated from Mid-Pacific Institute (née Mills Institute for Boys). After graduation, he moved back to Kauai, and was later elected into office to serve as a county council member for 18 years, fighting for better working conditions for plantation workers. 


Growing up in a working-class family, Dave’s father, Mark Watase, worked hard to provide for his family, starting out at Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company and then later building his own business, Mark Construction, a highway contractor. Later, in 1977, Dave’s father founded Mark Development Inc., specializing in affordable housing development. The company provided affordable homes for hundreds of residents throughout Hawaii.


Now, as a fourth-generation resident of Hawaii, whose great-grandparents immigrated from Japan and Okinawa for a better life, Dave understands the values of hard work, determination, and getting things done with integrity. 


Raised in St. Louis Heights, Dave has fond memories of his days at Hokulani Elementary and playing Little League Baseball at Kanewai Park. He attended Our Redeemer Lutheran and graduated from St. Louis School in 1977. After high school, Dave attended Kansas State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Upon returning home to Honolulu, he went to work under his father at Mark Development Inc. 


Instilled by his father, and his grandfather before him, Dave’s personal values of hard work, integrity, and conscientiousness have been shaped by his humble beginnings. Not one to forget his roots, he aspires to carry on the legacy of giving back to his community and to the people by serving as a member of Honolulu’s City Council.


In addition to spending time with his wife, three children, and dog, Dave enjoys coaching wrestling for Saint Louis School and the Grapplers HI club and helping out at his church Honolulu Christian in Manoa.

Dave Watase family


Dave is running for City Council because he has a passion to fight for the best interest of the local people and future generations.

  • TRULY Affordable Housing targeted towards our children

  • Resolving the impacts of COVID-19

  • Crime

  • Homelessness

  • Transparency and Community Engagement

  • Monster Homes and Illegal Short-Term Rentals

  • Public Health and Safety


“I believe it is vitally important to make sure that the pace is controlled in a sustainable manner and that the residents who represent the local culture, the local ways, are not taken over or drowned out by outsiders who want to come in and change our ways to theirs rather than they adapt to our local culture and customs.”

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Dave Watase Stop Ala Wai Project


“And now after so many neighborhood board and public meetings, talking with my neighbors and working with groups with the same goals, I realized that together we can make a difference, peacefully and effectively.”