Take Part in Something Great


Dave's Success as a Community Leader

  • Spearheaded the grassroots movement to halt the Ala Wai Flood Mitigation Project

  • Demanded the state and the federal government to reassess the EIS

  • Studied, researched, testified, and informed stakeholders affected by the proposed plan

  • In doing so, he protected schools like Hokulani Elementary, Halau Ku Mana, trees, rivers parks and residents in valleys

  • Dave would attend the 7 monthly neighborhood board meetings to inform and update the community about the Project. 

  • Every meeting for each of the neighborhoods, he learned about the issues and the concerns residents had in that area. 

  • Dave started getting involved in other issues because he understood those community concerns and wanted to help fight for those too. 

  • Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi saw him at all the 7 monthly neighborhood board meetings,

  • She saw his dedication and commitment and knew he has what it takes to lead, honestly, and work hard. 

Dave's Success as a Community Leader

Dave is not a seasoned politician. He listens to the concerns of his neighbors, looks into the issue, and finds a way to help.